The Wolves are Loosed

Buyers and Cellars

The criminal element invites the group to dance

Late at night, in San Fransisco. Andrew Leger de Main has finished his performance, and the group has recovered from their battle with the Fenrir. The group debate what to do next, and Sharon Larsson expresses her concerns regarding the timing between the invitation and the attack. They return to the hotel to change before heading to The Cellar.
James Broadstreet receives a package from the concierge, which he plans to open in the room, while Brand calls Lorelei to invite her along to the Wine Cellar. They head en masse to the Cellar (in an actual cellar no less) and flash the card to bypass the long line outside.
Inside, the room is dark, the music is loud and the crowd is nearly naked. Lorellei meets them inside, having ‘let her hair down’ a bit. She runs up to Brand and admits that she loves the club and is having a great time.
A woman, with skin like bark, approaches the group and announces that ‘the lord sent her to retrieve them.’ The group looks around and recognizes that several of the inhabitants have a demi-human persuasion. She leads them back to meet Pan, who looks like Prince with goat-hooves and horns.
One of the staff brings a white russian for Sharon and Pan’s buddy Ix shows up to join the party. Ix is a short, muscular, tattoed man of Greek heritage who exudes an air of danger. Pan welcomes the group to “the Game” and says that he wanted to make certain we understood our options. Pan points out that there is quite a living to be made ‘in between’ the two sides. He points out that the group could be very helpful to him, with their greater mobility and freedom. He reveals his friend Ix as a ‘war profiteer’ out to make money by selling his creations to both sides.
Pan also points out that there are worlds beyond our own. He calls up Sis and explains that he could, for example, tell you everything about the Underworld. Sis is also of Greek descent, but unlike Ix he carries a lean harrowed look, and looks afraid when the Underworld is mentioned." Pan reveals that he has come up with some ‘unique pharmaceuticals’ that take advantage of a scion’s altered physiology.
When asked what we specifically might be able to do for Pan, he hands back a set of newspaper clippings. He points them out as ‘something you might be interested in.’ He says if the party looks into it, then they should remember him if they find anything – either if it’s something we cannot use, or if it’s something for which he could receive a ’finder’s fee’. He stresses the importance of having people with whom we can work and to find one’s place in the world. “Community,” he says, “is everything. Having other people around is better than going alone.”
Andrew offers to discuss it with the rest of the group, and they’ll decide about taking it later. Pan points out that it’s been 20 minutes since the last time he got laid, so leaves them to talk amongst themselves. Lorelei and Brand descend to the dance-floor and begin to party. While down there, she fixates on one especially attractive young man with his friends. They leave and a moment later she leaves to go the restroom. Brand follows her, and the ogre points out how much she must like him, as she’s busy consuming the two lads in stall four. She comes out, cleans up, and they head back to the dance floor.
Meanwhile, Sis explains his escape and says that he understands the other ways back into the Underworld. The crater of Avernus is the most common, but there are others. The one thing you need is the Mistletoe, he says, as it’s the only source of light in the Underworld. Sharon asks where it is, and he says that the last time anyone saw it was the grotto where Aeneas picked it up. He says that Circe is probably the best bet for finding it and says that the only way to work with her is to make it clear you’ve something to trade with her, otherwise she plays a bit rough.
The group agrees to head up to Washington state and investigate the weirdness as a clue to the location of a possible relic, and then proceed to Circe to question her about the whereabouts of the Golden Bough.

session end



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