Book of Thoth

An ancient text, in early dynasty hieroglyphics


Birthright: Relic 5
Grants the owner access to the purviews of Animal, Magic, Moon and Mystery. Should the Book of Thoth be stolen, the thief’s loved ones will die at the rate of one per week until the book is returned. These deaths may at first appear natural, but will become more and more coincidental as the time passes.


The great book of Thoth, taken from the tomb of Nefer-ka-ptah in the City of the Dead. It appears as a small book, bound in the coptic style, the wooden covers of which have been leafed in gold. The book fits perfectly into a golden box which is in turn nested within a box of silver. The silver box lies within a box of ebony wood with ivory fittings, which in turn fits within another box of lacquered wood. The entire collection of boxes then rests inside an iron box banded with hieroglyphics.

The Great Book was a gift to John Addams on the occasion of his 8th birthday, from his divine parent with the admonishment to ‘read fully, and understand.’

Book of Thoth

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