Warren Nbutu

Assitant Producer for National Geographic


Warren is a slender black man born in Rwanda but a naturalized US citizen. He has short black hair, brown eyes and a ready smile. He gets along with most people and is considered jovial by most who know him.


Born in Rwanda, Warren grew up in a small village not far from the capital of Kigali. He was smart enough that the government sent him to University once he finished his primary and he studied Journalism until he dropped out due to a lack of funds.

After a number of odd jobs he got work as a guide for foreign journalist. He was hired by Jim Broadstreet as he arrived in 1994 to investigate rumors of genocide following the assassination of President Juvénal Habyarimana. During the course of his investigation, Broadstreet and Nbutu were captured by Tutsi rebels and moved into the countryside.

They managed to escape following a night of drunken revelry by their captors. However after fleeing into the jungle, the pair had to trudge through 35 kilometers of jungle before they arrived at a village where Warren was known. The locals help the two escape further pursuit.

Broadstreet hired Nbutu full time and arranged for him to return to the US where the pair are a team sent all over the world to cover breaking news.

Warren Nbutu

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