Professor Richard Jones


A very grandfatherly sort who seems to like everyone and want to help them. Professor Jones teaches archeology (among other things) at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

He seems to be one of those faculty members who have been at the college forever. Always with the stories and anecdotes.

Professor Jones also seems to be perpetually distracted but I suspect it is an affectation since he often knows, in class for example, who’s paying attention and who’s whispering about the party tonight. My take is that he has an incredibly sharp mind that always seems to be processing several topics simultaneously.


Professor Jones seems to have been involved in the eternal war between the gods and the titans since the late 30s or early 40s. At least that’s the time frame I’ve been able to get stories and verifiable facts out of him. He might have been fighting for longer but since he has so few contemporaries remaining we have no one to confirm this theory with.

I’m not sure what skills or abilities he has but he always seems to be aware of things in the nick of time and sends people out to fix problems when it’s necessary.

Professor Richard Jones

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