John Addams

Keeper of Books and Secrets, Antiquarian and Stately Queen


Calling: Sickly Bookstore Owner
Nature: Pedagogue
Pantheon: Pesedjet
God: Thoth


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 2/0 Charisma: 3/0 Perception: 3/1
Dexterity: 3/1 Manipulation: 4/1 Intelligence: 5/2
Stamina: 2/0 Appearance: 2/0 Wits: 3/1


Academics: 5 Craft (bookbinding): 3 Melee: 1
Animal Ken: 1 Empathy: 1 Occult: 4
Awareness: 2 Integrity: 2 Politics: 1
Brawl: 1 Investigation: 3 Science (linguistics): 2
Command: 1 Larceny: 1 Stealth: 1
Marksmanship: 1 Survival: 1
Medicine: 2 Thrown: 1


Virtues: Combat Willpower: 6
Conviction: 3 Dodge: 5 Legend: 4 (16)
Harmony: 2 Join Battle: 5d+1
Order: 1 Soak: B:2 L:1 A:-
Piety: 3



  • Smoking Mirror (Moon 1)
  • Unlidded Eye (Magic 1)
  • Bonna Fortuna (Magic 2)
  • Mystery (Mystery 2)


  • Blurt it out
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Know-it-all
  • Perfect Memory
  • Opening Gambit


  • Total: 33
  • Spent: 24
  • Remaining: 9

John Addams dreaded the day as much as he knew it could not be avoided. Over the last few months, he observed the slow gathering of other scions in Washington with a sense of foreboding. When the jotun attacked and the scions were thrown together, he ran to join the fray even as he knew it meant the war against the Titans had finally found them all.

He received his birthright as an eight-year-old boy, the only time he ever met his divine parent. On his birthday, he was given a series of nested boxes, which, once he understood how to open them, contained the Book of Thoth. His father admonished him to ‘read, and understand’ – a command which John took to mean all books to which he had access.

John carries a silken rope, infused with legend, that has played the role of Gleipnir in the binding of a fenrir.


  • Rutherford Smith-Tipton—“Ruthie”, his on-again off-again, who shares his interests in academia, Egyptology, brandy, cigars and archeology


  • Ellora Danan Murphy—Undergraduate student, Gardnerian Witch, Vegan, Employee and Professional Thorn in his Side

image of John Hurt ©Alan Davidson

John Addams

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