The Wolves are Loosed

"The 'Barely' Escape(d)"

With no appearance by Steve McQueen.

With the fall of the last harpy, several of us begin to regroup at the base of the crane while Sharon, Andy and Brand continue climbing up to their nest at the top. John and Will head for the pier where I think we will find a boat so we can slip away without going through the gauntlet at the main gate. They locate a tug boat used to move ships in and out of the dry dock. I harvest the talons from the fallen harpies and then head for the boat.

Sharon and Andy reach the top and Brand arrives a moment later. They find the govi and then decide that rather than descending back down the crane rigging they will climb out to the end of the boom and jump down into the water where we can pick them up with the boat. She and Andy make the dive okay but Brand is beat up a bit hitting the water. I steer over and John & Will move to help them climb aboard.

That tickling feeling in the back of my head goes off and I yell to everyone to jump for it and move to the railing. The boat is lifted up by some sort of gigantic creatures head and Will leaps up into the air and flies up.

Combat with the Gigantic Snake Thing.

  • Andy jumps onto it’s head.
  • Sharon leaps upward off the boat and uses her Trick Shot but misses.
  • John coordinates our assault.
  • Brand swims toward the creature.
  • Sharon shoots it again and hits it but it seems to have little or no effect.
  • Will flies over toward Brand intending to help him out of the water.
  • I swim back toward the boat, climb in and begin to assemble a makeshift molotov cocktail.
  • Andy uses an ability called “Unbarred Entry” to pass through the creatures skull into it’s mouth. He then stabs a knife up into its palate but gets covered in poisonous disintegrating blood.
  • It lunges up and tries to swallow Will (who is hover above Brand).
  • Sharon screams a battle cry and stabs it, killing it.

The dying creature waves its neck and head about in its death throes, sending Andy flying in one direction and Will in the other (it had gotten his legs in its mouth). I maneuver the tug boat to pick everyone up and we speed (okay maybe not very speedily) toward the north bank of the river.

Warren has left a message on my phone. It seems Dr. Jones sent him across the bridge to this side of the river and he’s got the SUV to pick us up. I call him back and we arrange a rendezvous. We drive back to Williamsburg and meet Dr. Jones at his house. Once there we calm ourselves and clean up.

Brand communes with the spirit in the govi and we discover it is Eleanora Derenkowsky (later known as Maya Deren). John and Brand acquaint us with her history and we ask her spirit questions about what is happening. Dr. Jones also supplies us with more information and we learn something of his past.

It seems that in the early 1940s the Nazis learned about “binding the Fates” and began searching for and finding people known as “Scions”. These were the sons and daughters of “Gods”. Thor and the other Norse pantheon as well as other gods. They succeeded in finding a few dozen of these people.

Dr. Jones, it seems, met Thor in 1940 in Iceland following the British occupation of the island. There was a battle between Thor and a Frost Giant and one of the Nazi researchers, a Dr. Bruno Chress, was captured. He was interred in a secure facility on the Isle of Man off the English coast.

Following this battle, Dr. Jones became Thor’s companion and they joined the OSS and worked against the Nazis. By 1943, Dr. Jung had finished profiling the Nazi leadership and Project Nail was begun to defeat the Nazi efforts to manipulate these ‘Scions’.

[end of session]



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