The Wolves are Loosed

Dreamscapes and Fog

Flying the uncomfortably friendly skies...

Flying coach across America in the middle of the night, the great quilt of the nation spread out below like a carpet of glittering jewels. The constant roar of the engine undercuts everything. Sharon Larsson grabs a stewardess (No! Flight Attendant!) and requests a bottle of wine. When the attendant accepts, Sharon notices the tip of the attendant’s tongue flicker in and out as she accepts. She turns to wake Brand.

Brand, dreaming, sees himself in a great party: a Hall, its low-ceiling held aloft by wooden beams, filled with hundreds of people, including everyone from the airplane. He also recognizes several dwarfs, and eventually his mother Frig (Who looks like Clarissa Dickson-Wright). Sharon wakes him, and lets him know about the stewardess Flight Attendant.

Andrew finds himself in a very similar setting to Brand’s dream, sitting across from his mentor The Amazing Alexander. The have a meaningful discussion about their past, while Alexander warns Andrew about the nature of his ‘real’ family. Alexander says that Andrew’s head is “Bad News” – that Mercury hurts everybody. Despite his good image PR, everything he touches turns to shit. He warns him against manipulation, and to be careful since they only know enough to get buried in the webs of the various gods.

Brand gets up and walks forward, looking for the stewardess flight attendant Sharon mentioned. He finds the stewardess flight attendant, and in a blink of the eye, he notices her hair squirm. After a quick come-on, as she turns, Brand grapples and kisses the hell out of her. She melts against him, until he breaks the kiss, grabs two bottles of red wine for Sharon.

John Addams looks up from his copy of Herodotus to notice that Brand is out of his seat, and more importantly (contrary to the plan) out of his handcuffs. He pulls his phone and tries to remember how to text, as Ellora taught him, so he could ask what’s going on. The technology is beyond him, and he gets up to ask Sharon.

Brand reveals that the stewardess flight attendant, Lorelei, is a gorgon, when John asks what’s going on. Brand reveals that everybody’s in a dreamscape, or possibly, Valhalla,and worries about the fate of the plane and everyone on it.

Jake shows up at Will’s table, and reveals to Will and Jim that ‘some stuff’ happened a few months back. The titans, who were trapped in the deepest part of the underworld, busted out and ripped through the lands of the dead in the process. The dead can’t get to their reward, nor can they rejoin the living. The titans have loosed hunters – Fenrir, the Horned Hunter, and other beings – chasing after the loosed souls. Jake reveals the hall as belonging to Nerun, and that it is neutral territory, so long as people keep the hall-peace. Andrew asks for something that ‘only Sharon would know’ as a means to verify his identity, and he mentions her tattoo. When asked why he’s there, Jake reveals that the dead talk and word had gotten around that they would be in Nerun’s hall. He leaves when he indicates that Frig would like to talk to them. Frig offers them a glass of mead and sits down.

The stewardess flight attendant, Lorelei, brings Sharon her wine, charges her $5, and passes her digits to Brand. Brand checks the numbers, announces ’we’re all going to live’ and goes back to sleep. John helps Sharon deal with her new, complicated life, and expresses sympathy for the gorgons and other mythical creatures (who are just ‘ordinary joes, trying to cut a day job’ for the most part.) He returns to his seat and both he and Sharon fall asleep.

In Nerun’s hall, Frig and Tyr pull the group aside. The make introductions and offer to answer the group’s questions, and want to ascertain what the group’s plans are. John asks about Typhon’s plan, which is apparently to wipe the slate and start over with a titan-centric universe. The other titans have different plans, but none of them a especially human-friendly.

After a discussion of Hermes’ questionable and slippery nature, Frig requested that the group swear an oath that they not harm Brand. She reveals that there is a prophecy, which they all suspected referred to Baldur, that when Frig’s son dies, it will bring about the end of the world. Accepting the possibility that it might be about her other son (“Brand, mom. My name’s Brand.”) she asks for an oath from the group. Jim and John give it freely, Sharon talks about the possibility of the oath being twisted and refuses. Andrew and Will also do not give the oath.
Andrew asks Tyr for justice, in regards to Alexander. Tyr agrees, and Andrew watches as a fire giant (Soot) and seven dwarfs march the Amazing Alexander out of Nerun’s hall for a grade-A ass kicking.

Sharon asks about her spear. Tyr replies that spears are pretty straightforward and tend to talk pretty clearly. He tells her that his cloak pin identifies her as one of his brood. Sharon asks about his Father (Odin) and whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Tyr says he’s spent thousands of years wrestling with the same question.

Before the good-byes, Tyr says that if not no, then soon, we should be looking for the Mistletoe, the golden bough, which will be the key to the underworld. We need to worry about finding it and getting past the giant.

Jim passes along a greeting from Professor Jones, at which news Tyr looks aggrieved, thanks them, and takes his leave. Just before he wakes, John feels a hand on his arm and hears Ellora’s voice say “Boss?” just before he wakes.

The plane touches down in San Francisco, and the group gets their act together. They stop by Borderlands Books and buy them out of copies of Frazer’s The Golden Bough . The next night they attend Andrew’s show of stage magic and escapism. Even Lorelei (the stewardess flight attendant cum Gorgon) tags along as Brand’s date. Andrew’s show is amazing. Lorelei and Brand get ready to say goodbye to the rest of the group, at the stage door when they hear a low animal growl.

Andrew climbs for the balcony to get a better view of the land, while Sharon and Brand dash towards the growl at top speed. From his vantage point, Andrew can see the source of the growl, a young Fenrir (a wolf, 10-12 feet long). Andrew steels himself with bona fortuna, and the Fenrir leaps out of the fog, charging towards Sharon. Her preternatural reflexes pull her out of the way just as the wolf’s jaws snap shut around where her arm used to be. John runs into the Orpheum, looking for a silk rope to serve as a makeshift Gleipnir. Jim leaps onto the wolf, trying to cling to it and hobble it.

Sharon drives her spear towards the terrible wolf, deals it but a glancing blow to the beast. Will carves open his palm and summons a group of jaguar warriors from the fog. Brand tries to grapple the wolf, but it if far too nimble to be caught so easily. Andrew sees another figure step out of the shadow, which seems to be watching them. He leaps over to the figure, who in turn hands Andrew a card and disappears. The card reads:

“Andrew my brother, be my gest tonight at the Cellar. Let’s become acquainted. Bring your friends, we have much to discuss to our mutual advantage. Expect no harm if you bring no harm. Yours in blood, Pan”

Sharon focuses her courage to attack the Fenrir, and drives her spear into the beast’s chest and strikes a most palpable hit. It snaps at the air again, missing her. Jim twists the wolf’s head back, and holds it still. John runs out with a silk rope to fill the role of Gleipnir, and binds the Fenris by its throat to a nearby dumpster. Will’s Jaguar Warriors attack the Wolf on his command and it is destroyed. They collect its eitr (the teeth and blood) and head off into the night.

[end of session]



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