The Wolves are Loosed

Fire Giant Fiasco

A hot time on the Mall.

The battle is joined (between a tall, singed giant and Jim Broadstreet).

  • I ask the giant “What kind of a night is it?” and hold my action.
  • The fire giant draws out a huge baseball bat, he says a word in some other language and it begins burning.
  • Andy throws a rock at him and hits him in the head.
  • Brand casts an “Inflict” spell on him.
  • I try to sweep his legs out from under him (dex+brawl, 6 → 4 success → no go).
  • Sharon, Jake shakes her awake and tells her to go to the mall. She hears explosions as she arrives.
  • Will coordinates our attacks, Sharon and Brand make use of the bonus.
  • I try to sweep it’s legs again → no go.
  • The fire giant swings his bat but misses.
  • A car pulls up behind the fight and another fire giant gets out and charges at Sharon but misses when he swings.
  • Sharon takes a moment to aim.
  • Brand guards.
  • Andy climbs into the fire giant’s car and tries to run him down.
  • I retreat and pull out my camera, snapping a photo.
  • Sharon shoots and hits for big damage.
  • Brand attempts to cast “Inflict” again and this time it works.
  • John arrives and takes over coordination.
  • Will spends a willpoint to command the fire giant to jump in the lake (pond?) nearby.
  • A fire giant uses a willpoint to attack but misses.
  • Andy rams a fire giant who falls across the hood. He then steers the car toward the lake.
  • A fire giant tries to grab me but misses. He seems to be rather frustrated.
  • John tries to recall information on the fire giants without success.
  • I step forward and try to sweep the legs of the fire giant and this time I knock it down.
  • Sharon steps up and stabs the downed fire giant with her relic spear.
  • Brand steps up and tries to punch it.
  • The fire giant grabs Sharon and she’s knocked out.
  • Andy continues to drive the car into the lake.
  • I grab the relic spear and use it as a fulcrum to swing up and kick the fire giants arm attempting to loosen his grip on Sharon. It works.
  • Brand casts a healing spell on Sharon.
  • Will steps up and kills the fire giant.

After the fight, John tells us that the heart of the giant is valuable and I pull out a knife and (gruesomely) cut it’s heart out (the one in the water had disappeared). We get three liters of what seems to be called Eltr from the heart and put it into 1 liter plastic bottles.

[end of session]



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