The Wolves are Loosed

A Walk in the Park

Off a short pier.

After a drive of a few hours we arrive in Williamsburg and stop at the park. I find the Professor on the same bench we always meet at, sipping his low-fat latte and watching the birds. He tells us that he has a “local circumstance” that he could use our help with. I know from past encounters that since I was his student he’s seldom sent me on a trip that didn’t pay off in a good story along with some media.

It seems that there was a break in at the Muscarelle Museum of Art on the college campus. It was displaying an exhibit called “American Spirits”. He thinks that there was (among other things) a small clay bottle (a govi or lua?) from Haiti taken and he’s concerned about it. We head over to the museum and since the Professor knows Campus Security, he makes a call and gets us access.

The museum is a three story building with shades on the windows. The exhibit is on the third floor so that likely complicated the entry. John does some of his mojo to find magic and it reveals the spoor of mythical creatures. Sharon begins her investigation and briefly examines everything as we enter the building and proceed to the third floor. In the center of the display room we find a large heavy object and it seems the thieves smashed the skylight in to gain access.

The room is ransacked and there is, among other things, excrement smeared on the walls. There are, however, strange feathers left behind. John examines them and tells us they aren’t from a natural bird and after consulting with Brand they decide that these feathers come from a Harpy. Hmmm. Upon closer examination it seems the excrement marks on the walls spell out words in some strange language. John and Brand translate it to read ‘Euryales rules’.

Several of us head up to the roof to examine the skylight from that side. However we find no further clues. Based on what Brand and John know about harpies and their habits we examine maps of the local area. They decide that there are a few places where they may make a nest. Camp Paery (which the CIA uses for training and is called ‘The Farm’), Naval Weapons Station Yorktown and ‘Cheathum Annex’ Supply Center.

We borrow a large black SUV from one of the professor’s grad students and Andy disguises himself as Dick Cheney. In two vehicles we approach the front gate of NWS Yorktown and they manage to bluff our way in. An inner gate causes a complication and we are met by ‘Rear Admiral, Lower Half’ (seriously, that’s what a Navy 1 star admiral is called, seriously!) and a Marine Corps Colonel named Billings. They act with deference so we know our cover isn’t blown yet but Colonel Billings does ask Brand a question in Islandic, so they may be more than they appear to be.

They offer an escort but Andy brushes them off as much as we can. We’re still escorted by the Colonel and his driver and we take electric carts to the cranes near the dry docks. As we approach the odor (very distinctive for harpies apparently) indicate that we are hot on the thieves trail. Andy dismisses the escort, we prepare for battle and begin to climb.

Combat with Harpies.

  • John coordinates us.
  • Andy aims.
  • Harpies attack Brand, he’s hit and pukes all over himself. Sharon is also attacked and hit.
  • Sharon throws Will up into the air.
  • Andy throws a knife and hits.
  • I leap to a truss then jump down toward one of them below me, falling onto a it’s back.
  • John tries to locate the govi.
  • Brand begins to climb toward the nest at the top of the crane.
  • Sharon leaps at one and stabs it with her grandfather’s spear, killing it.
  • I grapple with the harpy and she falls, landing on top of the golf cart we arrived in, smashing it to junk.
  • Will (who has been flying around the crane) orders a harpy to impale herself on the hook at the end of the crane’s arm.
  • Andy begins to climb up the crane very very fast.
  • Brand infects the last harpy with rickets and it falls to the pavement.

Andy and Brand reach the top to discover the harpy’s nest, apparently a disgusting mess. They locate the govi and begin to descend. I begin to harvest 4 harpy talons from each one (24 total).

[end of session]



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