The Wolves are Loosed


A Denny's breakfast.

After this strange battle was over some of the group went to the hospital to check on Detective Rosenthal (Sharon?). The rest of us meet an hour later at a nearby Denny’s to discuss what has happened and what it means. It seems that John, Brand and Will seem to know what all this craziness is about or what it means. For my part I’ve seen enough strange things and reported on them that I’m not overly concerned about it except as it relates to whatever assignment I’m working on (nothing specific but the Tea Party Massacre offers an opportunity for who knows what) or to my overall goal (which, of course, is the Pulitzer for photography).

We didn’t come to any conclusion before more odd events transpired. We were watching the TV report on the recent occurrences and Brand sees someone nearby who attracts his attention. I’m not sure what he thinks this fellow was doing but he follows him into the bathroom. It appears there is a scuffle to ensure so I get up and head out the door, intending to go around back to make sure whoever this is doesn’t slip out the back before he answers some questions.

Inside, the assistant manager has apparently called the police and a trio of cruisers pull up outside. I slip back inside and return to the booth, where Andy is enthusiastically eating pancakes. We begin a discussion of assorted quickbread breakfast delicacies and their adornment while Sharon exits the bathroom having arrested Brand (he’s in handcuffs). The local police enter with guns drawn and she assures them that she has things under control, flashing her FBI badge.

That doesn’t seem to satisfy them and she gets into an involved discussion over jurisdiction and why she’s arresting this person. Andy gins up some fantastic tale about a pair of “terrorist” (a tall one with a ponytail and a short one who never seems to never say anything). It seems they have a diabolical plan to make the Empire State Building disappear with “the whole world watching”. The current climate nearly guarantees that the police will take the tale seriously. The gaggle departs as they take Brand “downtown” for “processing”.

Andy and I finish breakfast and meet the rest as they finally leave the Police Station. We drive back to John’s bookstore for further discussion and planning. Sharon gets a call and it seems Jake has “suffered a setback”. He seems to be nearly brain dead after having a “coronary event.”

Toward dawn I get a call from Professor Jones. He wants me meet me at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg at the park where we often meet. I convince the others that the trip will prove worthwhile and we depart.

[end of session]



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